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Cute, Creative, & Fun! November 22, 2009

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I have several Christmas gifts that are small this year so I decided to be a little creative!  The result is pictured above!  =)


Materials (all from Michael’s Craft Store):

Colorful Take-Out boxes – $6 for a pack of 7 (I bought 2)

Decorative letters – $4 for a pack with 4 complete alphabets

Bag of paper shreds – $3 for a large bag

Total:  $19 (plus tax) for 14 decorative gift boxes + extra letters

I found the letters in the scrapbooking aisle.  These were pieces of perferated paper that I had to glue on but cute stickers would work also.  I used the first letter of each person’s name.  Inside, I placed the gift on a bed of paper shreds.  And that’s it!  Super cute!  Now, if I can just wait for Christmas… =)


Baby Wipes Cover…I’m so proud of this project! October 31, 2009

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Take a look at my new project!!  It is so super cute!  I bought a regular wipes holder and covered it with fabric and ribbon trim.  Two of my very best friends are having babies soon so I couldn’t resist trying my crafting skills out.  I think I’m going to do more with different fabrics just for fun.  What a great idea for a baby shower gift!


I want to carry it in my purse just because it’s cute!


Side note – Did my husband do a great job with my bling or what?!  =)


Voila!  Refillable case for wipes…but it’s stylish!  Too fun!


Toys for Christmas or Birthdays!! October 8, 2009

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Hey guys,

Go HERE for great coupons on toys like this….

balland this…

imagesThere are LOTS of different coupons and they don’t expire until January 2010!  I checked prices at and many of the toys were $12 and under with the coupons!  Did someone say Christmas presents?


Gift Ideas From Your Stockpile August 10, 2009

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We have had several weddings in our family lately so I decided to use my stockpile to make a cute and practical gift!  Take a look below…

Photo 40

Goody basket for my little sister, Anna, and her new husband!

Photo 41

Lots of great stuff for newlyweds!

Photo 42

Gift for Mark’s brother, Matt, and his wife, Shari!

Photo 43

I bought a little something off their registry, wrapped it, and put it in the basket also.  They have cats so I added cat treats!

Items include:

toothpaste & toothbrushes


salad dressing

shampoo & conditioner

razors (for men & women)


ziploc bags



bug spray





cleaning supplies

…and much more!

It was so much fun to put these baskets together and the happy couples were excited about their gifts!