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Target & Walmart Deals!! November 13, 2009

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Want to see some awesome deals for Walmart and Target??  Go HERE to check out a list of 119 items for under $1.00 at Walmart!!  Go HERE for a list of 79 items for under $1.00 at Target!!  What a great coupon site!


Smart Ones for $.60 a box!! July 28, 2009

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Target has Weight Watcher’s Smart Ones frozen meals and desserts on sale:  5 for $9.00.  Here’s how to get them for $.60 each!


10 Weight Watcher’s Smart Ones  (You can get the meals AND/OR the desserts.)

Print the following coupons and use them:

(10)  $1.00 off Smart Ones Target coupon HERE

(2) $1.00 off 5 Smart Ones manufacturer’s coupon HERE

Final Price:  $6.00 or $.60 each!!

I haven’t had the meals before but the desserts make a super yummy snack!  Picked up 10 today!


FREE Kashi cereal! July 25, 2009

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Kashi_CIACTarget has the small packages of Kashi cereal for $1.00 each.  (The picture above is oatmeal but the cereal looks very similar.)  Go HERE to print a coupon for $1.00 off Kashi cereal making it FREE!  You can print as many as you wish…just make sure you print the $1.00 off rather than $.50 off!  Mark and I have “bought” 17 already…all for free!


Publix and Target Trip 7/15 July 15, 2009

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Scored some awesome deals…lots of free stuff!


Photo 40

I bought:

4 – 3lb bags of Friskies cat food

3 bags of Texas Toast Croutons

1 Taco Bell Dinner

9 boxes of Bandaids

2 McCormick Grinders

2 bags of Fresh Express salad

3 cans of L’oreal mousse (for my husband’s curly hair!)

2 packages of Bic mechanical pencils (A math teacher can NEVER have too many pencils!)

4 pints of Whole Fruit Sorbet

Register Total:  $99.34

Store Savings and Coupons:  $87.43

My Price:  $11.91

Saved 88%!!

The cat food, pencils, bandaids, grinders, and one bag of croutons were all FREE!


Photo 42

I bought:

1 bottle of Johnson’s baby wash

1 box of Kellogg’s Special K cereal

2 packages of Bic pens

Register Total:  $8.32

Store Savings and Coupons:  $6.41

My Price:  $1.91

Saved 77%!!


Target Trip 7/11 July 11, 2009

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Photo 26I got the following deals at Target today!

Gillette Bodywash, on clearance for $1.70

$1.00 off in 6/7 P&G insert

Final Price:  $.70 (x 1)

Tide travel size, $.97 each

$1.00 off in 7/5 P&G insert

Final Price:  FREE!!  (x 4)

Electrasol Finish Dishwashing Tabs, on sale for $3.99 each

$2.50 off in 7/12 SS insert

Final Price:  $1.49 (x 4)

Pantene travel size shampoo, $.97 each

Pantene styler, on sale for $3.33 each

Buy a shampoo/conditioner and get a styler FREE in 7/5 P&G insert

Final Price:  Some of the stylers have travel size products attached so I got 8 travel size products and 4 stylers for $3.88!!  Awesome deal!


Target Trip 7/2 July 3, 2009

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Photo 13

*3 cartons of Edy’s icecream not pictured

Here are the deals that I got at Target!  Super excited about the deodorant and body mist deal!  $.04 for 2!!

All Laundry Detergent, travel size, $1.00

$1.00 off in 6/28 RP insert

Final Price:  FREE!! (x 4)

Edy’s Icecream, on sale for $2.33 each

$1.00 off Target coupon here

Final Price:  $1.33 each (x 3)

Gillette bodywash, 8.4 oz., $1.70

$1.00 off in 6/7 PG insert

Final Price:  $.70 (x 1)

Degree Women’s Fine Fragrance deodorant and body mist, $3.29 each

$1.25 off Degree Fine Fragrance deodorant in 5/17 RP insert STACKED WITH

$2.00 off Degree Fine Fragrance Target coupon here

Buy deodorant and get body mist free in 6/28 RP insert

Final Price:  $.04 for 1 deodorant and 1 body mist together!!  (x 2)

Reach toothbrushes, $.97 each

$1.00 off in 6/14 SS insert

Final Price:  FREE!!  (x 6)

Register Total:  $39.37

Coupons and Savings:  $33.34

My Price:  $6.03

Saved 85%!!!


Cheap Pictureka at Target! June 30, 2009

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The Pictureka card game is on sale for $6.64 at Target.  Go here for a $5.00 off coupon and get the game for $1.64!!  You might have to go through several pages of coupons on the site to find the Pictureka one.  I printed off a few and plan to use the games as Christmas presents for kids and families!