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Kroger Trip on 10/25!! October 25, 2009

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GetAttachmentNot sure what I’m going to do with 12 cans of chili…haha!  Awesome trip today!

I got:

3 boxes of Swiss Miss hot chocolate  (YUM!)

12 cans of Hormel chili

5 cans of Del Monte tomatoes  (I was almost out of these…yay!)

8 boxes of Cheez-Its

2 bottles of Heinz ketchup  (I was almost out of ketchup, too!)

Register Total:  $59.30

Total Saved:  $50.32

My Price:  $8.98!

Saved 85%!!


Kroger Deals for the Week of 10/25 October 24, 2009

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Kroger is running a great sale this week!  Buy 10 participating items and receive $5.00 off your purchase at checkout with your Kroger Plus Card!  Yay!  Make sure you buy items in multiples of TEN so that you get the discount.  The prices listed assume that you purchase in multiples of ten.  Here are a few deals that I found…

Heinz Ketchup, 36 oz Regular or 32 oz Squeeze Bottle, $1.49 each

$.75 off in 10/4 SS insert

Final Price:  $.74 each!!

Del Monte Tomatoes, 14.5 oz can, $.49 each

$1.00 off 5 in 9/20 RP insert

Final Price:  $1.45 for 5  ($.29 each…the cheapest I have ever found on canned tomatoes!)

Hormel Chili with Beans, 15 oz can, $.79 each

$2.00 off 3 in 10/18 SS insert

Final Price:  $.37 for 3  ($.12 each!!  Whoa…that’s cheap!)

Cheez-It Crackers, 7.5-10.5 oz box, $.99 each

$1.50 off 2 in 10/4 RP insert

Final Price:  $.48 for 2  ($.24 each!!)

Pepperidge Farm Cookies, 5.5-7.5 oz, $1.99 each

$.75 off in 9/27 SS insert

Final Price:  $1.24 each!  Yum!

Snuggle Liquid Fabric Softener, 32-40 load, $2.99 each

$3.00 off in 10/4 RP insert

Final Price:  FREE!!!

Chex Mix Snacks, 7-8.75 oz, $1.49 each

$.50 off in 10/25 SS insert (Chocolate variety – doubles to $1.00)

Final Price:  $.49 each!!

For a preview of the Kroger ad, visit!  Happy Shopping!


Cheap Pork Loin at Kroger…Yum!! September 15, 2009

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It’s not very often that you find coupon deals for meat so make sure you take advantage of this one!

This week Smithfield Pork Loins are BOGO at KROGER.  There are several different flavors!  Here’s how the deal works:

Smithfield Pork Loin is BOGO ($8.99 regular price)

Use $1.00 off in 8/30 SS insert

Final Price:  $3.50 each!!  Save 61%!

I bought 4 and put them in our new chest freezer!!  =)


FREE Herbal Essences Hair Products & Toothpaste!! July 26, 2009

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Photo 43Awesome deal at Kroger this week!!  Here’s how to do the deal twice and get 8 Herbal Essence products for FREE!

Herbal Essences Hair Care Products are $2.99 each. (Promotion:  Buy any 4 and get $4.00 off your order.)

Buy 8 products:  4 shampoo OR conditioner and 4 stylers

-$8.00 taken off your order automatically

Use the following coupons:

(4) Buy 1 shampoo OR conditioner and get 1 styler for free in 7/26 RP insert

(4) $1.00 off Herbal Essences product in 7/5 PG insert

Final Price:  Get all 8 products for FREE!!


Crest Toothpaste is $1.00 each.

Use $.50 off in 6/7 PG insert (doubles to $1.00) OR

$.75 off in 7/5 PG insert

Final Price:  FREE or $.25 each


$.99 Ground Turkey! July 19, 2009

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Kroger has 16 ounce (1 lb.) Honeysuckle ground turkey rolls for $.99 each this week!!  They are usually $2.59 each!  I decided to stock up since Mark and I love using ground turkey instead of ground beef!  Bought 20 lbs. today and may go back for more!


Kroger Trip 7/12 July 12, 2009

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Kroger is having an awesome sale this week!!  Get $5 off of your order when you purchase 10 participating items.  There are LOTS of items to choose from.  I purchased 20 of the participating items, used coupons with all of them, and got $10 off my order!  Here’s what I got:

Photo 28

Participating items:

4 boxes Zatarain’s rice mix

3 Pepperidge Farm cookies

4 Philadelphia cream cheese spread

6 Sunny D Smoothie drinks

3 Daisy sour cream

Other items:

4 packages of Tyson split chicken breasts

1 Twix candy bar

Coupons used:

(2) $.75 off 2 Zatarain’s in  6/7 RP insert

(3) $1.00 off Pepperidge Farm Granola cookies in 5/3 SS insert

(2) $1.00 off 2 cream cheese spread from tearpad found in Publix

(6) $.55 off Sunny D Smoothie drinks in 5/31 SS insert

(3) $.50 off Daisy sour cream (doubled to $1.00) in 5/31 RP insert

(4) $1.00 off fresh Tyson chicken in 6/28 SS insert

(1) Free chocolate from mailout

-$10.00 from purchasing 20 participating products

Register Total:  $60.79

Total Savings:  $46.85

My Price:  $13.94

Saved 77%!!

For a complete list of the items that are included in the sale, go HERE or visit!


Freebies this week 6/14 June 16, 2009

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These deals should be good for Wal-Mart and/or Kroger. (maybe Target)

Reach Dental Floss approx. $1.00

$1 off in 6/14 SS insert

Final Price:  FREE

Purina Mighty Dog 5.5 oz can  approx. $1.00

Free up to $1 value in 6/14 SS insert

Final Price:  FREE

Correction: The dog food is free at Kroger but the floss is about $.40.  Sorry for the mess up!