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Publix Deals for the Week of 7/1 (or 7/2) June 30, 2009

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Here are some of the deals at Publix this week beginning 7/1 or 7/2 depending on your region.  Happy savings!

A 1 Steak Sauce, BOGO $4.19

$2.00 off in 6/14 SS insert

Final Price:  $.10 each

Kraft Salad Dressing, BOGO $2.99

$1.00 off in 6/21 SS insert

Final Price:  $.50 each

Kraft Mayo, BOGO $4.29

$.75 off in 6/21 SS insert OR

$1.00 off PRINT

Final Price:  $1.15 or $1.40 each depending on which coupon you use

Jennie-O Turkey Patties, 16-oz pkg, BOGO $4.49

These packages may have a “peelie” coupon on them to use.

Final Price:  $2.25 each (or less if you use a peelie)

Reynolds Aluminum Foil, BOGO $4.45

$1.00 off in 6/28 SS insert

Final Price:  $1.23 each

Bic Lighter Utility Lighter, BOGO $3.49

$1.00 off in 5/17 SS insert

Final Price:  $.75 each

Luigi’s Real Italian Ice, BOGO $2.99

$.50 off in 6/28 RP insert

Final Price:  $.50 each

For more great deals, head over to!


Cheap Pictureka at Target!

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The Pictureka card game is on sale for $6.64 at Target.  Go here for a $5.00 off coupon and get the game for $1.64!!  You might have to go through several pages of coupons on the site to find the Pictureka one.  I printed off a few and plan to use the games as Christmas presents for kids and families!


Getting Started at CVS June 27, 2009

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CVS is my favorite drugstore for getting GREAT deals! Here’s some info to get you started…

CVS has a customer loyalty program called Extra Care. Before you begin shopping at CVS, you will need to sign up for the Extra Care program at your local CVS or online at It is free and you will be given a card to scan with every CVS purchase. Your card works much like a Kroger Plus card or a Food Lion MVP card.

In the weekly ad for CVS, you will see many deals that say “$5 Extra Care Bucks”, “FREE after Extra Care Bucks”, “Spend $10 and receive $2 ECB”, etc. First of all, Extra Care Bucks (or ECB’s) are “CVS money”. If you purchase a product that gives you ECB’s, there will be a coupon at the bottom of your receipt for money off your next purchase.  The goal is to “roll” your ECB’s so that you can get free stuff again and again and again with very little money out of pocket!  Here’s is an example…

Let’s say that your CVS ad has Listerine mouthwash on sale for $4.99 and you receive $4.99 ECB’s.  In order to get this deal, have the cashier scan your Extra Care card and purchase the Listerine for $4.99 + tax.  At the bottom of your reciept, you will see a coupon that says you have earned $4.99 ECB’s.  These ECB’s can be used on another transaction right away or saved for another week.  ECB’s do expire so be sure to keep a check on the dates.

Let’s say that the next week CVS has deodorant for $2.99 with $1 ECB’s and razors for $3.99 with $3 ECB’s.  Here’s what your transaction would look like:

Buy deodorant for $2.99

Buy razors for $3.99

Use $.50 coupon for deodorant

Total:  $6.48

Use your $4.99 ECB from the previous week.  (Works just like cash!)

Pay $1.49 + tax

Receive $4 ECB’s off your next purchase!

As seen in the previous example, you can use coupons on items that give you ECB’s.  This is the best way to maximize your savings!  I will have CVS coupon matchups available in the near future!  One more thing you need to know when using ECB’s…You cannot get change back if your puchase is for less than your ECB’s.  If your purchase was $4.35 and you paid with $5 ECB’s, you would not get $.65 back.  When this happens, I always throw in a piece of candy or gum to make the purchase price more.


Vacation Meal Plans June 26, 2009

Filed under: e-mealz — thesimplesaver @ 2:34 pm is now offering Vacation Meal Plans!  Check it out by clicking on the ad bar to the right!


Publix Trip 6/24 June 25, 2009

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I bought:

4 boxes Kellogg’s cereal

3 boxes Trail Mix Crunch cereal

2 boxes Hungry Jack pancake mix

2 bottles Hungry Jack pancake syrup

4 boxes Kotex pantyliners

4 boxes Kotex tampons

2 Reach toothbrushes

2 bottles Lawry’s marinade

4 bottles Kraft BBQ sauce

1 can Ragu sauce

6 bottles French’s mustard

2 Lysol cleaners

3 Lysol toilet bowl cleaners

2 cans Raid spray

1 McCormick pepper

2 bottles Trident gum

1 Publix milk

Register Total:  $130.65

Coupons and Store Savings:  $102.25

My Price:  $28.40

I saved 78%!!

I have been taking pictures of my shopping trips but Mark and I have misplaced our camera cord.  Hopefully, we’ll find it soon so that I can get those uploaded.


Shop at Wal-Mart? June 24, 2009

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If you shop at Wal-Mart, head on over to The “Cent”sible Sawyer’s blog for all the latest deals!  Do know that Wal-Mart prices vary by region and state so your prices may not be exactly the same.

The “Cent”sible Sawyer’s Blog


Publix Deals 6/24 or 6/25

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French’s Mustard, BOGO $1.69

$.50 off in 6/21 SS insert (Publix will double to $1)

Final Price:  FREE plus possible overage

Kraft BBQ Sauce, BOGO $1.39

$.75 off in 6/14 SS insert

Final Price:  FREE plus possible overage

Lawry’s 30 Minute Marinade, BOGO $2.85

$.50 off in 5/17 RP insert (Publix will double to $1.)

Final Price:  $.43 each

Post Trail Mix Crunch, BOGO $3.99

$2 off at

Final Price:  FREE (I printed 3 coupons!)

Kellogg’s Cereal, Frosted Flakes, Apple Jacks, Corn Pops, or Froot Loops, BOGO $3.99

$1 off in 6/7 RP insert

Final Price:  $1 per box

McCormick Black Pepper, BOGO $3.59

$.75 off in 5/10 RP insert

Final Price:  $1.05 each

Claussen Pickles (refrigerated), BOGO $2.89

$.75 off in 5/10 SS insert

Final Price:  $.70 each

Kotex Tampons or Pantyliners, BOGO $3.19

$.75 off in 6/14 SS insert

Final Price:  $.85 each

Lysol Trigger Spray Cleaner, BOGO $2.69

$.50 off in 6/7 SS (Publix will double to $1.)

Final Price:  $.35 each

Lysol Toilet Bowl Cleaner, 2 for $4.00

$.50 off in 6/7 SS (Publix will double to $1.)

Final Price:  $1.00 each

For a complete list of the deals this week, visit