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Deals for the Week July 24, 2010

Filed under: Deals,Publix — thesimplesaver @ 9:28 am

Couponing is hit or miss these days since we are being very choosy about what we buy.  Some weeks are great and others…not so much.  This week was a good one!  Take a look at what I got:

(The picture quality is horrible…sorry!  We’ve misplaced our camera cord so I have to use Photo Booth.)

1 container of sea salt

2 bottles of vinegar (great for homemade dressings!)

1 bottle of extra virgin olive oil

2 packages of razors  (Free plus overage!)

6 tubes of toothpaste  (Free!)

4 toothbrushes

4 containers of men’s deodorant

2 – 1/2 gallon cartons of milk (These were free!  Yay!)

2 pizzas (These are NOT for our meal plan!  They are for friends & family who visit who do not care for our way of eating. =) )

Register Totals:     $81.37

Total Savings:     $69.29

Final Price:     $12.08!

Saved 85%!!



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