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Weekly Totals June 17, 2010

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Instead of keeping track of each store, this past week I kept a running total of all of the deals that I got and tallied up the results!  Here’s a picture for fun! 

5 rolls of paper towels

24 rolls of toilet paper

15 bottles of body wash (various kinds)

4 cans of shaving cream

1 pack of bar soap

4 bottles of juice

5 razors

2 packs of pads

8 packs of gum

2 tubes of lip gloss

4 tubes of toothpaste

4 containers of deodorant

2 bottles of body mist

4 bottles of hand soap

2 containers of baby wipes

And I think that’s all!  =)

Register Totals:  $240.21

Total Savings:  $206.93

Final Price:  $33.28

Saved 86%!!



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