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coupon savings made easy Review December 13, 2009

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So…life in the Hilliard home has been quite busy the past few weeks!  You may have noticed from my lack of blogging as of late!  Hours before traveling home for Thanksgiving, we were presented with the opportunity to upgrade from a 2-bed, 1-bath apartment to a 3-bed, 2-bath for only $110 more than what we were currently paying.  We had already cut our budget way back in order to get our credit card paid off so it was a no-brainer decision to move!  We enjoyed a great Thanksgiving with family, returned home on Saturday, “did” church on Sunday morning (My husband is an Associate Pastor & over the worship band.), and started moving Sunday night!  We are finally getting completely settled in.  I am so enjoying our extra space!  And best of all, I have a large pantry for my stockpile!

Because of the many shuffles in scheduling lately, I completely forgot to buy papers this past Sunday.  This gave me the perfect opportunity to try The Coupon Clippers!  I have read about other bloggers and couponers using The Coupon Clippers but had not tried it myself.  I am so impressed!  You can visit and find multiples of many great coupons.  Choose the coupons you want, pay a small handling fee, and have them mailed to your door!  It’s that simple!  I purchased over $30 worth of coupons for about $4!  Not bad at all!  This site is a great resource if you do not have access to a major newspaper, would like multiples of coupons that you already have, or don’t like the idea of cutting coupons yourself.  My order was handled very professionally and shipped quickly.  I will definitely be using The Coupon Clippers again in the future!



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