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Publix Trip 11/13!! November 14, 2009

Filed under: Publix — thesimplesaver @ 1:08 am

Photo 63I bought:

4 boxes of cereal (FREE)

1 box of Cheez-its

8 packs of Yo-Plus yogurt

4 bags of Green Giant Steamers

8 packs of McCormick gravy mix (FREE)

4 tubs of Betty Crocker icing (FREE)

4 bags of Chex Mix (I forgot to put these in the picture…oops!)

Register Total:  $74.72

Savings:  $69.42

My Price:  $5.30!!

Saved 93%!!


2 Responses to “Publix Trip 11/13!!”

  1. Misty Says:

    My Publix wouldn’t allow me to use the mfr coupons for the cereal along with the Target coupons. They said because the Target coupons are not a Publix store coupon they have to treat them like a mfr coupon. I’ve never had that problem before. Still $4 for 4 boxes of cereal isn’t bad but i was dissapointed they should have been free.

  2. thesimplesaver Says:


    That is strange. I used them with no problem. I haven’t had that problem before either. You’re right though…$4 for 4 boxes is still a great deal!

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