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A few hidden deals at Publix! August 28, 2009

Filed under: Freebies,Publix — thesimplesaver @ 4:42 pm

Here a few more deals for Publix this week!  Free juice and pasta!!

Dole Juice (Pineapple and Pineapple Mango) are an unadvertised BOGO $1.79

$.50 off in 6/14 SS insert (doubles to $1.00)

Final Price:  FREE!!

Barilla Piccolini is priced at $.79

$.50 off in 8/23 SS insert (doubles to $1.00)

Final Price:  FREE!!

I bought 4 cans of juice and 4 boxes of pasta for $.07!!  SEVEN CENTS!!


2 Responses to “A few hidden deals at Publix!”

  1. Lisa Balfour Says:

    Question: We do not get the AJC down here in Macon, and I am not finding anyone, like a blogger like you, or other resource that will help me match up deals that run in our Macon Telegraph with the deals in the stores. I am going to double check to see if the AJC is available in our area, but if not, any ideas on how to match my coupons up with the sales? The coupons in my paper are totally different than the ones that the AJC runs. Thanks!

  2. thesimplesaver Says:

    Hi Lisa,

    First of all, you could subscribe to the AJC and have it delivered to your home. I am not sure how much you would pay for that??

    Secondly, you could match up coupons yourself. It will be alot more work initially but it shouldn’t take long to get the hang of it. I would choose 1 store to start with, take their weekly circular, and match up the sales with the coupons you have. It may be easier to go through your coupons and cut the ones that your family will use and file them by category – frozen, baby, snacks, toiletries, etc.

    I am sorry that you can’t find matchups already completed for you!!

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