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CVS Deals for the Week of 7/5 July 3, 2009

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Here are a few CVS deals this week.  If you are new to shopping at CVS, this is the place to start!  Begin small to get used to rolling your Extra Care Bucks and getting the best deals.  Below I have listed the deals and included transaction scenarios to show you how it works with the least money out of pocket!  Go HERE to read my blog about getting started at CVS.


$.99 ECB when you buy (wyb) Caliber or CVS pencils 20 ct. or pencil sharpeners at $.99 each (Limit 3) *FREE*

$1.49 ECB wyb Caliber or CVS transparent or invisible tape at $1.49 (Limit 3) Sunday and Monday ONLY *FREE*

$.89 ECB wyb CVS Brand Pantiliners 22 ct. at $.89 each (Limit 1) *FREE*

$5.00 ECB when you spend $10 on Post Cereals

Transaction #1:

Buy 3 CVS pencils or sharpeners – $2.97

Buy 1 CVS pantiliners – $.89

Total:  $3.86 + tax

Get Back: $3.86 Extra Care Bucks (ECB).  All items are FREE!

Transaction #2:

Buy 3 Post Trail Mix Crunch cereals – $10

Use 3 – $2.00 off coupon here (You can only print 2 per computer so find a friend!)

Use $3.86 ECB from Transaction #1

Total:  $.14 + tax

Get Back:  $5.00 ECB.  You earn $1!

Transaction #3:

Buy 3 CVS tape – $4.47

Buy 1 small filler item for $.53 or more (candy, gum, etc.)

Use $5.00 ECB from Transaction #2

Total:  nothing or cost of filler item over $.53

Get Back: $4.47 ECB

If you followed these scenarios exactly, you would spend $4.00 out of pocket and get back $4.47 ECB to go toward your next purchase!!  That’s a profit of $.47!!  (This amount may vary slightly due to taxes in your area.)  Please note that the tape deal is good only on Sunday and Monday.  If you are a seasoned CVS shopper or would like to see other deals and scenarios, go to


4 Responses to “CVS Deals for the Week of 7/5”

  1. dre Says:

    what is ECB? looks like a really crazy math equation!!!

    • thesimplesaver Says:

      Extra Care Bucks…it’s CVS “money” that is printed on the bottom of your receipt to use for your next transaction. It’s like a CVS giftcard but paper.

  2. shopper Says:

    You’re math is off… in purchase 1 you don’t break even – you still paid tax. and so on and so forth… not to meantion, who needs that many school supplies. Yeah they were free, but you still had to spend a little money to get a ton of stuff you don’t need.

  3. Concerned reader Says:

    @ shopper: Your grammar and spelling are off. (Examples: you’re and meantion) Also, thesimplesaver did indicate that you would pay sales tax (+ tax). Hmm…who might need lots of school supplies? Parents of children in school, perhaps? Or maybe college students? Or, big surprise, TEACHERS! Next time you decide to make rude comments, don’t. And if you do, make sure that said rudeness A.) Makes a valid point and B.) Is made up of coherent verbiage. (Look it up.)

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