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FREE icecream June 20, 2009

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Starbucks icecream is Buy One Get One Free at Publix this week.  There will be a $2 off coupon in tomorrow’s paper (6/21).  Check this out!

Starbuck’s Icecream BOGO ($3.79 regular price)

$1.90 with BOGO sale

-$2 off coupon in 6/21 SS insert

= FREE icecream!!

Just in time for the hot weather we’ve been having!  If your store is all out, be sure to get a raincheck from a cashier or customer service person.  With this coupon alone, buying the paper is so worth it!


2 Responses to “FREE icecream”

  1. Brittany Says:

    I bought my paper bundle ($2.50) today, and this is what I bought and how much I saved at Publix. I went with my boyfriend, since I got the paper bundle (double the coupons):

    Starbucks icecream (2): $3.59 each originally, but they were BOGO, so that made them $3.59 together. I had two $2 off coupons, because I bought two papers, and so we received TWO icecreams for FREE

    Colgate Total (2): Originally $3.95, they were 2 for $7, but I had two $1 coupons, and so they were each $2.50

    Advil liquid gel (2): Originally $6.41, they were on sale for $4.99, but I had a .50 coupon for each, so they were $4.49 a piece

    Publix Vanilla Wafers (2): Originally $1.99, they were the PENNY ITEM, so I saved $1.98 on each

    Lysol Bathroom Cleaner (2): BOGO, I paid 1.85 a piece

    Reduced Fat Club Crackers (1): BOGO, so the price was cut in half to $2.00

    Right Guard deoterant (1): BOGO, I paid $2.00

    Morningstar Entrees (1): BOGO, I paid $1.90

    2 Liter Coke (2): originally 1.79 each, I got 2 for $3 (in store savings)

    Perdue Chicken Nuggets (1): BOGO, I paid $2.20

    Old El Paso Dinner Kit (1): BOGO, I paid $1.48

    Tide (1): In store savings of $3.30, I paid $11.99

    Those are just the items I bought on sale. Our totals together ended up being $111.74 and we had $38.25 in savings, so we saved 34.23% Not as good as your last trip of course, but it’s a start.

    Thanks for the blog. It is rather inspiring. 🙂

  2. thesimplesaver Says:

    That’s AWESOME!!! Glad you’re being inspired! Saving money is the most fun ever! Keep me posted!

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