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Publix Week of 6/17 (or 6/18) June 16, 2009

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Here are some coupon matchups for Publix beginning Wednesday or Thursday, depending on your region.  I do not actually have an ad in hand but these should be accurate.  Thanks,  These are all Buy One Get One Free items.  The first price listed is the original price for 1 item.

Kellogg’s Mini-Wheats cereal $3.89 per box
$1 off in 6/7 RP insert
Final Price:  $.95 per box

Yoplait Yogurt $2.50 for a 4-pack
$1 off in 6/7 SS insert
Final Price:  $.25 for a 4-pack

Bic Razors $5.49 each
$2 off in 6/7 SS insert
(There are 3 different coupons in the insert.  If all types are included in the sale, use all 3!)
Final Price:  $.75 each

Lysol Cleaners $3.69 per bottle
$.50 off in 6/7 SS insert
(I think the all purpose cleaner and the bathroom cleaner q’s will both work.)
Final Price:  $.85 per bottle

Hebrew National hotdogs $4.99 a pack
$.75 off in 6/14 SS
Final Price:  $1.75 per pack

Old El Paso Dinner Kit $2.95 each
$1 off when you purchase a dinner kit and ground beef in 6/14 SS insert
Final Price:  $.48 plus the cost of beef
(I am going to buy a small package of beef in order to save the most $$.)

Edwards Singles Pie or Cheesecake $2.75 each
$1 off 2 in 6/14 SS insert
$.75 off in 5/10 SS insert
Final Price:  $.63 each or $1.75 for 2 depending on which coupon you use

Starbucks Icecream $3.79
$1.00 off at
Final Price:  $.90 each

Perdue Breaded Chicken $4.39
$1 off in 5/3 RP insert
Final Price:  $1.20

Great deals this week!  Don’t forget to print off your $5 off $25 purchase Riteaid coupon if your store accepts it!  (See previous blog for the link.)


2 Responses to “Publix Week of 6/17 (or 6/18)”

  1. yes! got yogurt and cereal today!

  2. elizabeth Says:

    wow! So awesome! I have got to find these coupon inserts!

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